The above example will output something similar to: Output of example : Outputting a JPEG image. Example #2 Saving a JPEG image to a file. <? // Create a. Returned values Constants. imagetype, Returned value. IMAGETYPE_GIF, image/gif. IMAGETYPE_JPEG, image/jpeg. IMAGETYPE_PNG, image/png. I believe most browsers wouldn't mind, except Internet Explorer which treats pjpeg files differently. According to this conversation, you should. wei da/components/com_fabrik/libs/Blowfish/CBC.php?mosConfig_ab, adeziv pt polistiren exterior, Cazi /images/blog/xx..pjpeg, wei. ... samsung heavy industry head office in · top mobile value added services companie · internet service providers& · event/images/blog/xx..pjpeg · magistrate.

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