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How to use unmitigated in a sentence. Example sentences with the word unmitigated. unmitigated example sentences. unmitigated definition: The definition of unmitigated is absolute, complete or not lessened. (adjective) A complete and total disaster is an example of an unmitigated disaster.... Define unmitigated: not lessened : unrelieved — unmitigated in a sentence.. The Trump administration's recovery plan for the island was an unmitigated disaster that left the mayor of San Juan literally begging for help for her people on TV. — jack moore, GQ, "Tesla Brought Power. First Known of unmitigated. 1600. Unmitigated definition: You use unmitigated to emphasize that a bad situation or quality is totally bad. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of unmitigated - absolute; unqualified.. By continuing to our website, you are agreeing to our of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time.ContinueFind out more · Home British & World English unmitigated. 'the tour had been an unmitigated disaster'. More example sentences. 'When it. from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. Not mitigated; not lessened; not softened or toned down; unassuaged; often, especially in colloquial , unconscionable: as, an unmitigated scoundrel; an unmitigated lie. Unmitigated comes from the Latin roots un-, meaning "not," and mitigare, meaning "made mild, soft, or gentle." Perhaps because of these origins, although unmitigated can be used positively, as in unmitigated success, but the word is often paired more negatively. You knew the wedding was going to be an. Looking for sentences or phrases with the word unmitigated? Here are some examples. Unmitigated definition, not mitigated; not softened or lessened: unmitigated suffering. See more.

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