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26 (twenty-) is the natural number following 25 and preceding 27. Contents. [ hide]. 1 In mathematics. 1.1 Properties of its positional representation in certain. Define twenty-: being one more than 25 in number — twenty- in a sentence. Twenty- definition, a cardinal number, 20 plus 6. See more. You can still have fun at twenty-, just make sure that you take care of your priorities because it's better to be a loser at twenty- then be a bum at forty. twenty-. The cardinal number immediately following twenty-five and preceding twenty-seven.. six and twenty; Arabic numerals: 26; Roman numerals: XXVI. At One Twenty Six Restaurants you can have it all: globally-inspired meals, made with fresh, natural and local ingredients, all served in a homey setting in the. Welcome to Twenty Six // WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! // LOCAL DELIVERY : 3-5 WORKING DAYS // INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY : 7-10 WORKING DAYS. SOCIAL. Twentysix26 has 16 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. A local cocktail bar and restaurant located in Durham, N.C. featuring upscale food and cocktail pairings in a relaxed setting.

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