In working on our Knights of the Old Republic campaign, I was surprised to find that the Star Wars universe doesn't really have a formal calendar. What it does have is gleaned, not from the movies or TV series, but rather the Extended Universe. Wookipedia has a write-up of the Galactic Standard Calendar that serves as the. The BSW4/ASW4 notation was used in the timeline of the second edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe and The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons eschewed acronyms altogether and listed dates as YEARS, with 0 YEARS being the events depicted in Episode IV. Following the Sith's defeat, Darth Bane—the sole Sith Lord survivor—creates the Rule of Two. The Old Republic resettles its capital on Coruscant and reinvents itself as the Galactic Republic, ending the dark age. The Republic military is disbanded. The Galactic Senate is founded. A Valorum is elected and presides as the.

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