The Index Status report provides data about the URLs that Google tried to index in the current property for the the past year. More information about how Google crawls and indexes the web. I have a client with a website that has multiple iterations of their website (running on multiple different platforms) live on the internet using the same domain. The GA tracking code has not stayed consistent across the different websites and their Google Search Console account is not accessible. We are. google-tools1-ss-1920. The Google Search Console, aka Webmaster Tools, has a new bug that is concerning many webmasters and marketers. Many webmasters are noticing huge declines in the number of indexed pages being displayed in the Google Sitemaps report. I've seen cases of hundreds of. You can check how many of your pages are indexed by using the Google indexed pages checker. Indexed pages are those that are scoured by Google search engines for possible new content or for information it already knows about.aving a web page indexed is a critical part of a website's Internet. For example, when you click into the SEOquake panel, the Whois link would be considered a parameter-link as it redirects you to a different page. Parameters are various metrics that are. Google Index - the amount of indexed pages examined by Google for the given domain. Bing Index - the amount of indexed pages.

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