Antecedents are the life history and previous convictions of a defendant in a criminal case. They are colloquially known as "previous convictions" (or simply " previous") in the United Kingdom and "prior convictions" (or simply "priors") in the United States and Australia. When a defendant is being sentenced for a crime, the. Antecedence definition, the act of going before; precedence. See more. Define antecedence: priority, precedence. antecedence definition: 1. the act of going before or the fact of being prior; precedence 2. Astron. retrograde motionOrigin of antecedenceClassical Latin antecedentia... Antecedence definition: precedence ; priority | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define antecedence. antecedence synonyms, antecedence pronunciation, antecedence translation, English dictionary definition of antecedence. n. Precedence. n 1. precedence; priority 2. astronomy retrograde motion n. 1. the act or fact of going before; precedence. 2. priority. Noun 1. In both cases we believe that the results are due to the operation of natural laws, that is to say, can, with adequate knowledge, be described in terms of antecedence and sequence. Thomson, J. Arthur (John Arthur). We might wish, perhaps, to consider as characteristic of this absolute antecedence the establishment of the. antecedeantecededantecedesantecedingantecedenceantecedencyantecedent. the "antecede" family. Usage Examples. All SourcesFictionArts / CultureNews BusinessSportsScience / MedTechnology. Their most celebrated antecedent is the apostle St. Paul, shipwrecked on Malta in A.D.. New York Times. antecedence (countable and uncountable, plural antecedences). The act of preceding in time or order. (Can we find and add a quotation of H. Spenser to this entry?) (astronomy) An apparent motion of a planet toward the west; retrogradation. (geology) A geologic process that explain how and why antecedent rivers can cut.

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Antecedence definition, the act of going before; precedence. See more. Synonyms for antecedence at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. occurrence - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. antagonize - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions pri·or·i·ty (prī-ôr′ĭ-tē, -ŏr′-) n. pl. pri·or·i·ties 1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency. 2. a. An established. Priority definition, the state or quality of being earlier in time, occurrence, etc. See more. An example of priority is a claim that has to be processed right away and that jumps to the head of the line. Precedence is defined as the thing that comes first, has the highest ranking or has a higher priority because of superiority. La psicologa psicoterapeuta Chiara Girombelli usa la psicoterapia cognitivo comportamentale per curare disturbi d'ansia, dell'umore ed alimentari a Bologna . – Sri Lanka 24 Hours Online Breaking News : News, Politics, Video, Finance, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Travel.

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